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Launch or Scale?

Tech projects can be split in two - the ones getting started and those already up and running.
Each type comes with its own set of challenges and objectives. You know it. We know it too.


You need to test a new market or idea, and ...

Want to quickly build an MVP or prototype
Want to keep costs and time-to-market to a minimum
Lack immediate access to a high-quality technical team
I can’t spend so much time and money just to test a new market or idea


You have a growing product in the market, and ...

Want to add new features and capabilities
Can't grow your technical team fast enough
Operate in a highly competitive technical talent market
I can’t miss growth opportunities just because I can’t quickly hire software developers locally

How do we work?

We offer service packages that fit the needs of launchers and scalers alike. The key parameters of cost, project scope flexibility, and the client's day-to-day involvement are packaged into three packages that fit all situations.


Ideal when you have a set project scope that needs to get done as soon as possible on a fixed budget. Ideal for entrepreneurs testing the market with a new idea or rolling out a first version of a new solution.

Fixed cost
Fixed scope
Turnkey delivery
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This model is ideal for projects where there is less certainty in project scope or there is an ongoing need for technical talent available on a sporadic basis and short notice.

Hourly billing
100% flexible scope
Only pay for what you use
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Team Extension

This model offers complete control over the recruitment and day-to-day management process and fits projects with a medium or long-term product roadmap (6+ months).

Monthly billing
Direct managerial control and complete team integration
HR & Operations is on us
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Our process

These are our principles. They are not just some feel-good bullet points copy-pasted from an airport business book. We've been able to deliver offshore development projects consistently when these rules are followed.

We've seen how projects fail miserably when these points are not adhered. That is why we share these with you upfront, so you know what to expect from us while we're helping you reach your technical objectives.

You always know what you are paying for

You are part of the
project team

We offer full support
after going live

We work in sprints to control project scope

We communicate daily using your tools

We speak fluent English

Teams we've helped

Non-profit that connects military veterans struggling with mental trauma to ayahuasca therapy
AI solution for social networks to detect toxic content at scale. Was acquired by Airbnb in 2019.
Toronto based VPN company that aims to develop easy to use yet powerful tools
WayPoint is a golf lifestyle brand that’s providing a fresh new way of delivering golf tournament
App Based Wellness Challenges
Bitfury is the leading full-service blockchain technology company
Switch Creative company of skilled software developers and UX/UI design experts
Mentorship platform to support the military community pursue the careers of their dreams

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Coffee is on us.

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